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Bright Dental Charlotte In House Dental Saving Plan

“At Bright Dental Charlotte, we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality care at more affordable fees. We are pleased to offer this In House Dental Saving Plan to patients with no insurance.”



Primary Member $300, Additional Family Member $250.  No waiting periods

Plan expires 1 year from initial enrollment date of the primary member.

Services Covered at 100%:

Digital X-rays:  Periapical & Bitewings (once per year),

Full mouth series (once per year)

Exams (twice per year)

Comprehensive exams

Periodic Oral evaluation (twice per year)

Oral cancer screening

TMJ examination

Teeth cleaning (twice per year): Prophy Adult or Child


Peri M: $32.00 for 2x/yr plus $131.75 for any additional Peri M


Fluoride treatment (twice per year for children up to age 14)

Emergency visit:  limited oral evaluation (0140) (once per year)


Services Covered at 50%:

Sealants, tooth whitening


All other services are at 15% discount


Below are the terms and conditions for using the In-House Saving Plan:

I understand that I may not use dental or medical insurance in conjunction with this plan.

No refunds or cancellations. Initial payment of $300 ($250 for additional member) is due on contract signing date. Payment for treatment is due on the date of service.

I understand if I fail to pay my co-pays at the date of service, my account will be sent to a collections agency and the contract will no longer be in effect.